Albert L. Crush Company was started in 1975 in the basement of my father's house on Guist Creek Lake in Shelbyville, Kentucky in order to serve the agricultural and industrial needs for the six counties surrounding Shelby County. In 1986, we moved to the heart of the industrial park and now have a 10,000 square foot building in which to house our inventory. 

Albert L. Crush (1924-2005) was the oldest son of Albert B. Crush(1893-1976) and they started this  "family business" back in 1933.  Albert L. Crush had seven children and his youngest, Andy Crush, has worked for the company since it's inception.  It is the belief of this company that "you can not sell something if you don't have it on the shelf", and in this day and time, everyone needs their parts now.  Because of that, we have continually increased our inventory by adding new distributors and product lines so that the everyday, basic power transmission and industrial supplies are readily available.

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